The Many Conspiracy Theories Of John Lear - Part 1

John Lear, son of the creator of the famous Learjet, is and has been one of the biggest names in modern ufology to date. A friend to the famous Bob Lazar and many others in the field of ufology, John Lear is one of the most knowledgeable sources of information regarding anything and everything conspiratorial within not just only ufology but that of esotericism as well as everything else that fits into the alternative spectrum of history. On February 1, 2014, ...

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Where Do All Of The Souls Come From?

Whenever I listen to a discussion of reincarnation, I often hear the question that pertains to the problem of new souls and the fact that population has been increasing     dramatically in the last few centuries and so where do they all come from if we keep reincarnating. The best answers I've heard have to deal with the evolution of souls and or how often and how soon souls incarnate back into a body. Starting with the ... << MORE >>

What Really Happens When We Die

Without going into too much detail why I believe this information to be true, I will say that it is the most reasonable explanation I have heard. David Wilcock, a scientifically minded new age author whose opinion I hold in the highest regard, added this information in his newest non-fiction book, "The Synchronicity Key," of which he sites scientific evidence, documentation, and experimentation to validate his theories throughout the book.
Dr. Michael Newton's Ten Stages of the Afterlife from his book "Journey of Souls"

  1. Death and Departure
  2. Gateway to the Spirit World
  3. Homecoming
  4. Orientation
  5. Transition
  6. Placement
  7. Life Selection
  8. Choosing a New Body
  9. Preparation and Embarkation
  10. Rebirth
I'll explain each individual stage on upcoming posts. 

The Alienated Alien Topic

When talking to either random people or even with family, no other word brings as much baggage and the feeling of ridicule as does with the word alien. As soon as the word comes out of your mouth, all sorts of thoughts go racing through your head and often result in quickly changing the topic before the other person's eyes finish rolling completely around in their sockets. The term "alien" is used to describe that which is foreign ... << MORE >>

Looking Beyond Global Warming

 Ironically while on a recent mission to Antarctica, global warming scientists ended up stranded on a ship that got stuck in super thick ice. They ended up having to be rescued by helicopter. Seems to me every time there is an expedition or global warming summit, it ends up in some sort of icy disaster. The lengths these more than likely paid off or coerced scientists go to prove something that may not even be happening at all ... << MORE >>

Israel Finds One Of The Largest Oil Reserves Ever Found!! Not Big Enough News For The Mainstream Media

In the face of an old joke that Moses took the wrong turn out of Egypt giving the Arabs all of the oil and wealth; it now seems he may have taken the right turn after all. Practically unknown to the mainstream media for reasons I'm sure that have everything to do with money, as always, Israel has recently discovered a massive oil reserve that could be larger than all others in the neighborhood put together. Unknowingly, we ... << MORE >>

Using Your DNA And Brain As A Quantum Radio To The Cosmos And The Science Behind Astrology

The other night, while listening to yet another Coast to Coast AM show, David Sereda was talking about quantum communication using crystal oscillators that work like radios. While listening with my mouth wide open in total awe, I thought to myself that what he was talking about was not only ingenious, but could also allow us to understand part of the scientific mechanics behind the mysterious art of astrology. Thought to be created from our earliest most ancestors ... << MORE >>

The New Buzz About The Bitcoin

Have you heard about the recent news about the bitcoin? They call it bitcoin cause it's a digital currency that's alternative and debt free and in just one year it has risen from 1 bitcoin being worth $10 to well over a thousand dollars. Any alternative currency helps in the fight against the fed and the new world order and so it's obvious why the bitcoin has become so popular lately. As with all new currencies, the first ... << MORE >>

A Few Interesting Conspiracy Theory Topics On The JFK Assassination

  • Oswald accused too soon.
  • Kennedy fell back and to the left.
  • Doctor reported exit wound in the back of the head.
  • Bullet supposedly retrieved from Kennedy was without the little imperfections one would expect with a head shot.
  • Too difficult to get three shots fired off in the short amount of time as was heard on the Zapruder film with the bolt action Carcano which was infamous for its inaccuracy.
  • A good sniper, which Oswald wasn't, would not have only used a better weapon but would also not ...
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The Not So Distant Digital Future Of Humanity With The Inevitable Integration Of Nanotechnology

Imagine a world where nanocomputers are the size of blood cells and exponentially faster than the fastest computers of today. This, believe it or not, is not too far from becoming a reality. I would imagine that these nanocomputers would be small enough that they could be injected directly into the bloodstream and networked together wirelessly to supplement and aid the many different functions of the body including that of the brain. Basically integrating our biological systems with the future power of digital nanocomputer networking systems.The implications of this technology are as vast and as complex as they are potentially hazardous ... << MORE >>

Seven Years For Enlil / NWO / Illuminati To Pack Up And Leave

Despite all of the negativity and evil the New World Order / Illuminati agendas bring us on a daily basis, I'm still a little encouraged by what I've been hearing lately, at least in the alternative media spectrum. On a recent Coast to Coast AM show, author and researcher, Gerald Clark basically stated, which I'm paraphrasing, that the New World Order and those that head it up are now on their way out. Clark has studied everything there is to know about Sitchin's work on the anunnaki and has presented some intriguing scientific evidence that they really were ... << MORE >>

Levels Of Existence, Lessons Of Love, And The Process Of Reincarnation

A big part of the new age philosophy that more and more people today are understanding as a part of our reality is the process of reincarnation. Reincarnation alone is just a small part of the overall process of spiritual evolution. Reincarnation on Earth only takes place when one needs to go back to this level of existence to learn something specific or to get rid of some karma that may have been built up over time on Earth. Before one reincarnates, a spiritual contract is basically drawn up outlining everything that is to take place during that ...
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4 Big Time Poisons The New World Order And Illuminati Don't Want You To Know About

1. Genetically Modified Food aka GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) - This is a big one because it is in almost everything including and most notably high fructose corn syrup. In fact most corn produced anymore is genetically modified. Although Monsanto would have you think that their products are safe, I wouldn't bet your life on it, literally. Many studies have proven that genetically modified food causes all kinds of serious health issues including infertility and cancer. A study where mice ate nothing but GMO corn stated that after 150 days, the mice started amassing tumors so large ...
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New, Exotic, and Free Energy Technologies

In a world dominated by the old paradigm of burning fossil fuels to fuel not only the world's energy needs but also the economy, any change can be a devastating blow to the economies of the world and to the powers that be. This is exactly the reason why we have not seen any improvement in the field of new energy systems. Yes, there has been several attempts made, but you know as well as I do that those persons ...

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The Ten Most Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Why does a country allow their people to eat genetically modified food that causes serious health issues and drink fluoridated water that reduces IQ and hinders the ability to connect with the spiritual side? Why would a pharmaceutical company who watches their bottom line, sell cures? Why does a government who can issue debt free currency borrow it from a privately owned central bank at interest? How can people believe the pancake theory of 9/11 when it defies physics? Why does Monsanto's cafeteria serve only organic food? Why has the social security administration bought billions of rounds ... << MORE >>

Glass Structures On The Moon

I heard somewhere recently that glass made on our moon would be stronger than steel somehow due to the fact that there would be no moisture in the atmosphere weakening the atomic structure of the glass. If this were so, then this would definitely be the choice building material used to build structures on the moon, which some say are already there. That being said, there are several factors, one would imagine, why this moon glass would be used. One, of which being the most obvious, is that it would be extremely costly to transport any other common ... << MORE >>

Toad in the Hole Origination

You may have heard of the traditional English dish: Toad in the Hole, but what you probably haven't heard is where the name originated from. It just so happens that it's actually based on the literal meaning. The phenomenon is without a doubt one of the strangest in the world.  Occasionally in rock quarries, when solid rock is broken open, a live toad appears in a 100% enclosed bubble from inside of the rock! Not only has this happened hundreds of times but also with different animals. In most cases, it's usually toads, frogs, salamanders, and the such ... << MORE >>

Recent News and the Truth About Global Warming

Wrapped in controversy and politics, "Global Warming" has just hit a major snag. Recently there has been a 60% resurgence of ice in the polar regions. This obviously is huge news and yet you won't find it on many mainstream news outlets. The fact is, is that global warming was souped up to make billions and billions of dollars on something that trees and plants do naturally. It all comes down to legislation being passed to sale carbon credits to polluting industries to offset their carbon output so they can sleep better at night and put a "Going ... << MORE >>

The New World Order Is Already Here

Naivety has become so entrenched in our society that even when blatant evidence begs to differ, we tend to go against our better judgement and the blinders stay on. One by one, we need to wake up to the reality that we have been deceived to an extent far beyond your wildest dreams. The conditioning runs so deep that it's as if everyone walks around like zombies perpetuating this false reality with only the hunger for more conditioning. Mainstream news, television, popular music, it is all nothing more than the  propaganda machine "they" use to keep us distracted ... << MORE >>

Basics of Zecharia Sitchin and the Anunnaki

A long time ago in the ancient city of Nineveh, there ruled Assyrian king named Ashurbanipal. In his library, which has been unearthed in modern day Iraq, archeologists found thousands of ancient Clay tablets with some of the oldest written records of ancient times. In those stories, there existed an ancient race of entities known as the Anunnaki. Literally meaning from heaven to earth came, the anunnaki lived on a planet called Nibiru. Now in my opinion, the planet they lived on was probably either a brown dwarf or a planet that revolved around the brown dwarf and ... << MORE >>

The Future Choice: Biological, Technological, or Both?

When one looks to the future they often see images of robots and flying cars, and while these may certainly become reality, humanity may just face a much more complicated future than ever imagined before. I see three possible futures for mankind. One, simply put is 100% biological, the second is technological, and the third is a mesh of both, the integration of the digital with the analog or biological. << MORE >>

Dimensions and Densities

The way the New Age Philosophy looks at these levels is as steps of consciousness or existence in which we must all go through in order to evolve as spiritual beings.<< MORE >>

The Giant Cover Up by The Smithsonian Institute

Did you know that there were actual flesh and blood giants called the Nephilim on the Earth and specifically in the U.S.? << MORE >>

Hiding Secrets in Plain Sight

Have you've ever watched a movie and thought that it seems awful familiar? Well, a theory I've been hearing and working on lately involves the "Cabal,"or whatever you want to call them, actively displaying their secrets in Hollywood television and movies. The best place for someone to keep a secret can sometimes be right in plain sight. So if for example, they hide a secret project in the tv show "Fringe," and then if someone actually working on the real project tries to blow the whistle about it, their skeptics can easily say something like: "Oh, they're just fans of that tv show Fringe and are just taking it a little too seriously." It is my belief that "they" have been doing this for years. I have several examples I would like to discuss with everyone and am open for any examples of your own...

Reincarnation and Christianity

The first thing I would like to talk about here is the fact that reincarnation is a reality and that it used to be a Christian belief as well before the time of Constantine, the Roman Emperor. Back then, the Roman Empire was losing its hold on its people. Their religious beliefs were scattered between paganism and early Christianity which was not as unified as it is today. As emperor, Constantine chose to unite his Empire under one faith, Christianity. And so at the Council of Nicaea, Constatine and a committee composed of heads of churches across the world convened to bring together the faith. It is here where the men of the world chose how they wanted the Christian faith to go, picking and choosing which books were to go into the official Biblical cannon and which books did not fit in, only later to be suppressed and or destroyed. Other council business not widely known today include a tax added in, disguised as a church tithing. The council also did away with any writings that included information about the meta physical teachings of Jesus along with the widely held belief of reincarnation. As a punishment for not following their way, the idea of Hell was added in to keep everyone in order and paying taxes. Just doesn't sound very Christian-like, using the fear of going to Hell as a consequence for not following this newly formed religion. The point here is that when people believe that they only have one life to live and if they think that they'll go to an everlasting Hell if they don't do what they are told, then that makes them willing to be easily ruled over and subservient to their masters which is to become the future Roman Catholic Church.

Topics You'll Find Discussed Here

Some of the topics soon to be discussed will include but not limited to: Alternative History and Esotericism, Ancient Cultures, Astrology and Cycles of Time, Conspiracies, Ascension, Dimensions, Consciousness, Reincarnation, The Higher Self, The Akashic Records, Free and Alternative Energy, New Age Resources, Philosophy in General,  Alternative/Holistic Health and Medicine, Fringe Science, The Future of Technology, Ufology, Angels/Fallen Angels/gods, Religions and Theology, Meditation/Yoga/etc., Food and Nutrition, New World Order/The Cabal and their Agendas, Atlantis/ Mu/Lemuria, Theosophy and the Mystery Schools, Earth Energies and Grid Lines, Ancient Megalithic Structures, Crop Circles, "Oneness" vs. Dualism, Past Life Regressions, Gnosticism, Channeling, Supernatural Phenomenon,Out of Body and Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing, Psychic Phenomenon and much much more.

Welcome To The New Age

Here at NEWAGEPHILOSOPHYBLOG.COM, all discussion shall be alternative, stimulating, and open minded. Only forbidden topic here will be politics. As far as I'm concerned, leaning left or right is only distracting us from moving forward...

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